"The relationship between an architect and client is the key to success of good design that, firstly, meet the needs of the brief or program and, secondly, provides the end user an inspiring, pleasurable environment in which to operate"


  • Assist the client in defining the client's requirements.

  • Review with Client alternative project options.

  • Advise on the need for services by consultants or specialists.

  • Make initial enquiries with Planning and other authorities.

    Production Information
  • Prepare detailed information including specifications required for construction and/or tender purposes. 

  • Prepare and make / submit under Building Regulation or other statutory requirements.

    Design Brief 
  • Preparation of the Design Brief confirming key requirements and constraints and a range of consultants and specialists to be engaged for the Project.

    Tender Documents
  • Finalise Construction information for preparation of tender pricing documents.

  • Prepare tender documents to enable tenders to be obtained. 

  • Finalise form of Building Contract.

  • Prepare Concept Design, also showing outline proposals. This can be in the form of hand-sketches; preliminary CAD block plans etc.

    Tender Action
  • Contribute to appraisal and report on tenders/negotiations.

    Design Development
  • Consult statutory authorities. 

  • Develop the approved Concept Design to show spatial arrangements, type of construction, materials appearance and detailed proposals for structural and building services systems and updated outline specifications. 

  • Prepares and submit application for planning permission.

    Technical Design
  • Consult statutory authorities on developing design.

  • Prepare technical designs, calculations and specifications sufficient to co-ordinate components and elements of the project including information for statutory standards and construction safety. 

  • Provide information to the Quantity Suveyorupdating for estimate of Relevant Cost.

    Construction Stage
  • Provide construction information as required for and by the building contract.

    Construction Stage
  • Make visits to construction works as Designer.

  • Provide further information reasonably required for construction.

  • Review design information from contractors or specialists.

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