• Deana James – Office Manager

New live/work unit for Brouard Architects

New live/work unit for Brouard Architects, a thriving architects’ practice in South East London, and his family. The project comprises 270 sq m of mixed architects’ office-use and private residence in the form of an architectural infill in Farnborough Village. The development comprises three storeys; 60 sq. m front section of the ground floor is for Brouard Architects while the rear and upper floors is the Brouard family’s three bedroom private residence. A rear outbuilding houses an archive / storage area and home studio with a walled garden between. The first floor formal dining / living area is occasionally used as a meeting room for larger business meetings. Maximum use has been made of the attractive views towards south and of the newly planted ornamental courtyard garden. Clients tell us that the building has a calm atmosphere. This is partly due to the fact that the house is built entirely out of CLT and clad with stained Japanese- style larch rain-screen boarding at first floor level. Furthermore, trees play an important role in providing a pleasant back-drop. The residential section is also used to display Philip Brouard’s parent’s artistic tapestries and drawings.

  1. Our live/work project provides a sympathetic and fresh contribution to the street screen without slipping into a pastiche/ pseudo vernacular design solution.

  2. The architectural design maximises the site and provides a pleasant working and living environment with excellent views to the countryside.

  3. The design solution uses traditional materials in a contemporary way.

  4. This clearly demonstrates that smaller-scale projects can benefit from CLT technology.

  5. The new facility, which also uses a heat recover system, has excellent energy performance.


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