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Our interest in education spans back to over 25 school projects built over the last 20 years. Our approach to Education Design is to first familiarise ourselves of the specific requirements of the end users namely the staff and pupils.

We have an excellent track record for negotiating with Local Authorities and obtaining planning consents and seeing projects through to completion. Our practice has successfully completed projects ranging from nursery extensions, through to primary and secondary school projects.

Sustainability is a very important factor we take into account during the design process. Often these projects have related to Grade 11 listed main school buildings.

We have also undertaken school and university master-planning and have produced a feasibility desing for a new boys school.

Ensuring that the projects are completed on time and on budget is of tremendous importance to us.

The relationship with our client is an important contributory factor towards a successful scheme and providing the end user an inspiring and pleasurable environment in which to work and study. We take a holistic approach to education projects ensuring that we meet and even surpass Government sustainability requirements. We are up-to-date with the latest regulations, materials and software. We have become synonymous with quality of customer service and value for money whether contemporary or more traditional through the range of experience in our highly skilled and creative design team.